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(The following verses of God Almighty Allah are dedicated to all the moderate, peaceful Muslims and spiritually enlightened people of all the Religions of the world)
In the name of God Almighty Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful
The Fated Reality! What is the Fated Reality? What will impart unto thee what the Fated Reality is? The tribes of Thamud and Aad denied the approaching Judgement. As for Thamud, they were obliterated by the overpowering lightning; and as for Aad, they were annihilated by a violent roaring windstorm which the Lord unleashed upon them for seven nights and eight days in succession so that thou would behold men overthrown as though they were stumps of hollow palm-trees. Can thou (O Prophet Muhammad) see any residuum (remains) of them? And then the Pharaoh and those before him and the overturned towns immersed in sin and they disobeyed the messenger of the Lord so the Lord clasped then with a tightening grip. Indeed, when the water overflowed (in the deluge of Noah) the Lord carried thee (O mankind) upon a sailing ship to make it a memorial for thee-so that retaining ears (that hear the story) would retain it. Then, when the Trumpet is blown a single time and the earth and the mountains shall be hoisted and crushed with a single blow. Then, on that day the happenings will befall, and the sky will split asunder for on that day it will be infirm. and the angels will be on the edges thereof while eight of them will uplift the Throne of the Lord above them on that day. On that Day, you will be unshrouded and no secret will remain concealed. As for him who is granted his record in his right hand, he will say: Here, take my book and read it. Indeed, I was certain that I would be held accountable. Then, he will be in a delightful state in a lofty Garden whereof it’s fruit are within easy reach. They will be told therein: Eat and drink merrily for that what you put forth in thy past days. But as for him who is granted his record in his left hand, he will say: I wish I had not been given my record and had not known what my account was. Would that it had been my end. My riches hath not availed me, gone from me is my authority. The Lord will say: Seize him and shackle him. Then scorch him in the Hell fire and then tie him in a chain whereof the length is seventy cubits (a measure of seventy hands. For he would not believe in God Almighty Allah, the Most Exalted, and persuaded not the sustenance of the poor. Therefore, he will have no well-wishers here this day. Nor any food except the foul which none but sinners consume. But nay! I swear by all that ye behold and all that remains concealed from thy eyes. It is indeed the words of a distinguished messenger of thy Lord, it is not a poet’s speech-few of thee that believe! Nor are these the words of a fortune-teller- few of thee that remember! It is a revelation from the Lord of all the Worlds. And if (the Prophet) had invented false statements in the Lord’s name, the Lord would have seized him by the right hand, and severed his carotid artery (the artery of life), and none could have saved him from the Lord’s wrath. And Lo! It is a reminder unto those who repel evil. And Lo! The Lord is aware that some amidst thee will deny the truth. And Lo! It is indeed a source of affliction for the disbelievers. But it is the absolute truth. So, declare the name of thy Magnificent Lord in Glory.


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