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My Mission For Improvement in Health Sector

           My Mission to Provide Good Health Facilities in my                                        Constituency

 My Objectives:

  •  Good Qualified Doctors 
  •   Skilled Medical Staff
  •   Free Medicine For All
  •   Medical Unit at Union Council Level
  •   Advance Medical Equipment’s
  •   Proper Training & Workshops for Young Medical Students
  •   Equal Level of Treatment for everyone
  •   Quality Work with Friendly Environment
  What I did so far?

  •   Filtration Plant in my Area 
  •   Map of Upcoming Hospital on Main Mian Chanu Road
  •  Helping Poor families to fulfill their medical requirements 
My Future Plans:

    I am determined to work for the betterment of my people, I have no other option because my area is facing some serious problems regarding Health issues. My Mission in Politics to make better laws for my country & to serve people of my area. For Achieving this cause I am standing with PTI under the Leadership of Imran Khan.


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Ch Munir Ahmed Gujjar announced NGO for social work

On 7th January Ch, Munir Ahmed Gujjar announced officially that he is going to start NGO internationally to support and work for poor people who are suffering. He further said that he plans to promote this cause globally.  At first, he planned to name the foundation on his mentor name "Shaheed Haji Allah dita" but because of some reservation of his colleagues he decided to launch on the name of " Chaudhary Rehmat Ali Khan"  He asked people to support him in this cause.

Who is Ch Munir Ahmed Gujjar?

Ch Munir Ahmed Gujjar was born in small village of Mian Chanu 15/95L. He is younger son of his parents, his family has good repute in village but not political family. He studied basic education from the nearby school in his home town. Later he went to Khanewal and Sahiwal for his intermediate and Graduation. Ch Munir Ahmed Gujjar is very much interested in politics from early childhood he was very much impressed from his Political teacher Peer Shujaat Hussain Querashi. In Teenage he was supporter of PPP and used to participate in various activities of Pakistan People's Party at district level.
 But once Imran Khan Launched his political party Pakistan Tahreek e Insaaf he joined and became founding member of PTI and in 1997 he was the only supporter of Imran Khan and PTI in his Village. He supported PTI candidate and till now he is struggling for the cause of PTI.
 He remain the part of PTI from more than 20 years and represented PTI at various positions. By profession he is busin…

میں بھی کچھ ڈیمز بنانا چاہتا ہوں ، میں بھی قرض اتارنے کی کوشش کروں گا، جسٹس آصف سعید کھوسہ

ہمیں کھلے ذہن کے ساتھ اس پر بحث کرنی چاہیے کہ عدلیہ، ایگزیکٹو اورقانون ساز سے ماضی میں کہاں کہاں غلطیاں ہوئی ہیں،آئیں اس پر بات کرتے ہیں کہ کہاں عدالت نے مبینہ طور پر ایگزیکٹو کے اختیار میں مداخلت کی اور کیسے عدلیہ اپنے معمول مگر موثر کردار میں واپس آسکتی ہے،‬
‫جسٹس آصف سعید کھوسہ

میں بھی کچھ ڈیمز بنانا چاہتا ہوں ، میں جعلی گواہوں اور جعلی شہادتوں کے خلاف ڈیم بنانا چاہتا ہوں ،
میں بھی قرض اتارنے کی کوشش کروں گا، عرصہ دراز سے زیر التوا مقدمات کا قرض ،
ہمیں ہر قسم کے حالات میں مقبول رہنے کے بجائےصحیح رہنے کو ترجیح دینی چاہیے،
نامزد چیف جسٹس آصف سعید کھوسہ